Williams Capital Management, LLC, ("WCM"), established in 2002, is an SEC-registered investment advisor and a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Williams Capital Group, L.P.

WCM provides cash management and short-term fixed income investment strategies in customized separate accounts and through the AAAm-rated Williams Capital Government Money Market Fund (the "Fund"), a 2a-7 government money market mutual fund. WCM is the Fund's investment adviser.

We customize cash and short duration fixed-income separate account strategies for institutional investors using a low-risk investment approach. Our strategies maximize liquidity, preserve capital and seek to enhance investment return through sector and security selection and duration management. Investment decisions are made by a team of portfolio managers, analysts and financial markets professionals that each average over 20 years of experience.

Williams Capital Government Money Market Fund

Ticker: WLAXX
CUSIP: 969446103
AAAm-Rated, NAIC Approved

The Williams Capital Government Money Market Fund (the "Fund") is a AAAm-rated U.S. government money market fund that seeks to minimize risk and enhance yield using an investment process that includes a comprehensive analysis of yield curves, economic factors and securities.

WCM serves as investment adviser to the Fund. The business of the Trust and the Fund is managed under the direction of the Board of Trustees. The Board formulates the general policies of the Fund and meets regularly to review the Fund's performance, monitor its investment activities and practices, and review other matters affecting the Fund and the Trust.

Most of the Fund's shareholders are corporate treasury groups, foundations, and state and local government investment pools.

The minimum initial investment in the Fund's Institutional Share Class is $5 million. There is no minimum subsequent investment.

Investment Objective

The Fund seeks to provide its shareholders with a level of current income that is consistent with the goals of preservation of capital and liquidity.

Trade Cut-Off Time: 5:00PM EST

Maturity 60 Days: Maximum dollar weighted average portfolio maturity

397 Days: Final maturity
Permissible Securities U.S. treasury obligations, U.S. government obligations and its agencies and instrumentalities, repurchase agreements collateralized by U.S. treasury obligations and/or senior debt obligations of U.S. government agencies that carry ratings of AAA/AA+
Requirements Invests in compliance with Rule 2a-7 under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and follows requirements for AAA-rated funds
Diversification 100% allowed in U.S. treasury obligations, U.S. government agencies and repurchase agreements
33% maximum total exposure to any single agency issuer
20% maximum exposure to any single Repo counterparty
10% maximum utilization of government money market funds
Credit Quality Must be rated by either S&P or Fitch
A1/F-1 or better: short-term
A/A or better: long-term

Prospectus | Annual Report | Govt Fund Fact Sheet | Holdings Reports | SEC Documents


An investment in the Fund is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Although the Fund seeks to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per share, it is possible to lose money by investing in the Fund.

This must be accompanied or preceded by a prospectus. Please read the Prospectus carefully before investing. The Fitch Ratings, Ltd money market fund ratings are based on an evaluation of several factors, including credit, market and liquidity risk, overall levels of portfolio diversification, maturity distribution of assets in the portfolio and stability of the shareholder base. Money market funds rated AAAmmf are judged to have an extremely strong capacity to achieve a fund’s investment objective of preserving principal and providing shareholder liquidity through limiting credit, market, and liquidity risk. The Standard & Poor’s money market rating is their opinion of the ability of a fund to maintain principal value and to limit exposure to loss. Standard & Poor’s ‘AAAm’ rating is the highest assigned to money market mutual funds. The rating is based on Standard & Poor’s analysis of the Fund’s credit quality, liquidity, management, investment guidelines, strategies, and internal controls. The ‘m’ denotes a money market fund and distinguishes the money market fund rating from a Standard & Poor’s traditional debt rating. For information on the rating agencies methodology go to: http://www.fitchratings.com/index_fitchratings.cfm or http://www.standardandpoors.com/home/en/us.

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